Where we work

Since our founding, GLEEHD has helped Africans succeed in over 10 countries. Although we have strong presence in Europe and Norrth America, our focus remains on the developing world because that’s where we can make the greatest impact on global poverty and social justice. We work in poor communities Across Africa.

Working with our extensive global partner network, we develop scalable and sustainable locally-relevant programming. Our solutions build on years of experience in addressing youth and women needs from Nigeria to Malawi, South Africa to Kenya, and London to Atlanta.

To learn more about the work we support in the Europe, North America and Africa, click on one of our offices on the map.



In Europe, we promote development of Young Africans in Diaspora and provide opportunities for Diasporans and Friends of Africa to get involved in Africa’s Development. We also provide awareness about issues going on Africa through various dialogues and platforms.

Learn more about our work in UK on this site and our work in Spain here (www.gleehdfoundation.org/spain)


In North America

We provide opportunities for the Diaspora to contribute their skill towards the development of Africa while opening doors of opportunities for Africans Institution through engagement of Government and Business partnership from North America.

International Offices

UK Office: Suite 7, Peel House,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Canada Office:

30 The Downs,                                                                         427 McArthur Avenue,

Altrincham Cheshire,                                                             Ottawa ON. K1K 1G5

WA14 2PX, UK                                                                           Phone: 011- 613- 455-6177


Our Presence in Africa

The vast majority of Africa’s 910 million people are estimated to live on less than US$1.25 per day. GLEEHD Foundation has been working in Sub-Saharan Africa for more than a decade, improving the livelihoods of the continent’s poor, especially women and youth.

Our work in Africa transcends physical presence as we ensure impact through collaborations and partnerships. Our main Africa office is in Lagos, Nigeria, and we have representatives based in other parts of Africa who oversee our initiatives in those countries.