Commonwealth Africa Summit

au-hall‘Shared Prosperity and Mutual Security’ is the overriding theme of the Commonwealth African Summit 2016. It is vital that the Commonwealth understands the nature, causes and complexity of its Africa member states dire situation and the inextricable link between prosperity, security and development in any attempt at addressing these challenges.  While the identified issues above are common to all its African member States in question, it is important to respond them.  Without losing sight of the historical context, the challenge for the Commonwealth African member States and their Heads of Government is how to make the Commonwealth relevant to the people of Africa.

How can the Commonwealth help promotes values of proper governance, prosperity, human security and human development in Africa?  How can it assist the promotion of regionalism in the global context, in responding to the negative impact of globalization and in the quest for fairer trade, debt relief, transparency, accountability and genuine equality of opportunity? So, the issue for the Commonwealth Africa Summit 2016 is that of concretely making a difference – to promote Prosperity and Mutual Security.

These are considerable challenges, but they are not insurmountable ones and the Commonwealth African Summit March 2016 offers another chance to at least agree on a journey with annotated maps. It is hoped that prominent world leaders will meet at the Commonwealth African Summit in 2016 to deliberate on this important theme ‘Shared Prosperity, Mutual Security’ – one that promote prosperity and secures Africa.