How we work

business_growthTo find a lasting solution to Africa’s problem, we prioritise community engagement in our program process.

We avoid top-down models, rather we devote ourselves to an earnest search for fresh ideas that show unusual promise for significant impact.

In achieving our objectives, we prioritise partnerships with specialised, capable and reputable organisations who share our goals and values. We believe there is strength, and greater impact, in numbers, and we work hard to cultivate relationships with other likeminded organisations.

We are willing to venture where others are reluctant to go; we remain patient in developing sustainable solutions; and we wish to convene diverse stakeholders to address common challenges. We seek out these ideas from both traditional and non-traditional sources, including academic research and conversations with grassroots organizers.

We focus on well-defined strategic initiatives, in ways that work to accomplish goals towards a larger vision.


Our Working Methodology

Partnering: Because we recognize the value of partnership, we constantly consult and work with other organizations worldwide that are functioning in line with our cause, to achieve more and better results.

Non-discriminatory: We work with Africans everywhere to achieve sustainable livelihood and social justice regardless of their gender, race, social status or creed.

We welcome staff and volunteers from diverse backgrounds and promote tolerance, equity and justice at GLEEHD foundation.

Transparency: We strive towards being as open and clear about our work as possible.

Neutrality: We maintain a neutral position in our partnerships with institutions and organizations with whom we share a common goal.

Networking: By meeting and interacting with like-minds, we create more and better opportunities and effectively expand our capacity, the reach and impact of our work.

Sharing: By sharing knowledge and ideas between staff, volunteers and stakeholders, we expand our resource base and extend our capacity to reach and impact more lives.

Learning: Acquiring knowledge is an integral part of our culture and we strive to continually gain skills which help us adapt and thrive in constantly evolving social and economic environments to ensure we continue impacting lives.

Inclusion and participatory: The foundation involves all stakeholders, and effectively communicates with, and engages them in the execution of projects and activities.

Mobilization and Engagement: By effectively involving, organizing and engaging communities, staff and volunteers in our projects, with individually defined roles, we increase the rate of success.

Capacity Development: We function by enhancing and organizing our system and resources to effectively carry out activities, solve problems and achieve developmental objectives.

Empowerment: We augment societal growth by supporting the development of more people into leaders who, through their work, would create a ripple effect of achievement across Africa.

Diaspora engagement: We engage Africans in the diaspora in our mission to promote Africa’s renaissance, and encourage international volunteers to contribute skills and knowledge in our activities and projects to ensure the continent’s development.

International: We work with local and international, public and private bodies, and other not-for-profit organizations to implement activities for Africa’s development