GLEEHD Governance

logo2GLEEHD Foundation is governed by a Board of Convenors (Trustees) and a Council of International Patrons and International Advisers that oversees the work of the Foundation. Our Board and Council shapes the Foundation’s direction through its mission, strategy, budget, and key policies; ensures that the leadership, resources, and finances in place match the Foundation’s vision; and monitors and improves the performance of the organization.


The International governance structure of GLEEHD FOUNDATION comprises:

  1. The Global Board of Conveners
  2. The Council of Patrons and International Advisers
  3. International Office
  4. Regional Office
  5. Council of Expert
  6. Youth Advisory Board


  1. The Global Board of Conveners: GLEEHD Foundation global board of convenors set policies relating to the organisation’s global goals, geographic focus, spending, investment, management, governance and professional standards, and they oversee internal and independent audits. They also set the compensation and review the performance of the Regional and Country Directors; in consultation with the country board of convenors.

Our global Board of convenors is currently composed of eminent individuals, including the Regional Director for Africa. The board, board committees and individual trustees are evaluated on a regular basis by our Executive Committee.

  1. The Council of Patrons and International Advisers: Under the guidance of the BOC, the foundation appoints up to 22 who help communicate our ideas at the highest levels internationally. This include men and women who have distinguished themselves in their various countries on matters of interest to the foundation.
  2. International Office: Based in London, the international office provides leadership for the Foundation’s international initiatives, supports country offices and coordinates our regional work through knowledge sharing, advocacy and coalition building. In collaboration with country offices, the secretariat produces various programs, research, tools and policy advocacy. It serves as a knowledge and engagement centre, offering valuable insights into the dynamics of livelihood and new approaches to providing access to social justice; while also mobilising Diaspora support for our work in Africa.
  3. Regional Office: The Regional Office under the leadership of the Regional Director is responsible for the overall guidance of the Region. Based in Nigeria, the regional office provides leadership for the Foundation’s initiatives in Sub Sahara Africa. The GLEEHD Africa Regional Secretariat is hosted by Nigeria.

The GLEEHD Africa Regional Secretariat covers GLEEHD Foundation’s activities in the following countries: Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, and other parts of Africa. The secretariat plays an important role in selection; monitoring and evaluation GLEEHD supported projects in the region.  Through its strategic involvement at the central and state level the Foundation has witnessed an exponential growth in its regional prominence, especially with state, central government bodies, institutions and private sector recognizing GLEEHD as an organization and appreciating its achievements in the region.

  1. Council of Experts: These experts includes eminent personalities who commitment their time to contribute to our work through research, speaking at our events, write on topics and issues, and expert group meeting participation for policy advice to Government. They also offer their perspectives on the key foreign policy and developmental issues facing the world through GLEEHD.
  2. Youth Advisory Board: The GLEEHD YAB comprises young achievers from various areas of interest to the foundation who have distinguished themselves in their various sectors and would serve as advisor to the organisation. Their nominations and appointments are vetted by the BOC and the RD on the recommendations of the Country Director and any statutory committee that may be set up for such purpose.